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Dear John McCain: Transplants are not cosmetic surgery

During the third presidential debate, John McCain was blathering about his planned healthcare policy. In it he mentioned the "gold-plated Cadillac" needs of frivolous elective procedures, including "cosmetic surgery and transplants".

Hey, John? Fuck you.

As a future transplant patient, and after being around many other transplant patients, many of whom died while waiting for an organ, transplant surgery isn't frivolous. It isn't fun. It's painful and dangerous and terrifying, and the last chance many of us ever get to stay alive. Period.

As a former P.O.W., you should understand that a little. But I guess the septic neo-con tapeworm that the Republican Party has become has burrowed into your skull and replaced whatever decency was there.

And your healthcare policy? It's a load of crap that will bankrupt thousands of people, including me. Do you know that a simple procedure like a pacemaker replacement with a two day hospital stay still costs around $40,000? Your piddly $5,000 credit won't help much if insurance won't pick up the rest, and under your plan they might not have to. Bu then, being married to an heiress, you don't have to worry about that, huh?

I was going to vote for Obama anyway, so it's not like you lost my vote. But your throwaway comment is simply beyond the pale, so you've lost any respect I may have held for you.

I will raise a drink and cheer when you lose in November.


Maybe he meant implants, not transplants?
I missed that comment but I think both of their "health care" plans stink...
somewhere I blog about being irritated that one actually said it would be manditory to have coverage on your child because children are cheap.....
I had to fight to cover my CHD child....they originally quoted me double our family rate for JUST her
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. 'Cause what kind of idiot would think transplants are unneccessary? Oh, wait....who are we talking about here?


Not trying to defend McCain, cause he is an awful and progress backwards presidential candidate. But he had referenced hair transplants in the previous debate, and thus, I believe that he did mean that in this debate as well, just forgot a word. He's been flustered and not making sense in most debates so far, so this is part to the course.

The one thing that is bothersome is that he didn't try to go back on the statement, but that's probably because he offended most women voters that night.

I can't ever see a president making a life saving treatment as such to be considered cosmetic.



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October 2008

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